About Zenboks

 Zenboks is the millennial’s guide to the galaxy. It’s our life compass, designed to direct and connect us to a global community of master personal development coaches who will guide us on our journey of discovery and self-elevation.
Experience the app developed by us for us, so that we can take care, discover and elevate ourselves at our own pace, every day, anytime, anywhere. 

Discover a curated collection of streamable and downloadable journeys on holistic nutrition, functional fitness, sound healing, meditation, mindfulness, philosophical therapy, and life coaching that will empower you to reconnect with yourself and invest more time into your personal development! 





Fitness, Nutrition


Mindfulness, Meditation


Life Coaching, Philosophical Therapy



 To empower millennials to reconnect with themselves and to invest more time into their personal development 



Build the leading digital platform for master coaches to be able to reach, teach and empower Millennials. 

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