How To Pick The Right Yoga Class For You

How To Pick The Right Yoga Class For You

Trying new things in the fitness world can be challenging, especially when one discipline has so many variables as yoga does. What will be required from you? Can you be so flexible that you can do a downward dog? Or strong enough to hold your own weight with your arms? Either if you're new to the practice or if you've tried yoga before, but you find it a bit boring, bear with me! I've prepared something for you.

My name is Fercci, and I'm the owner of Ask Fercci, a space for open discussions where the end goal is finding the truth around controversial topics around health and wellness.

As a former professional ballet dancer and fitness enthusiast, I'm always looking for new ways to challenge my body and develop endurance. I've been working with my body since I was six years old, so bringing in new moves and techniques is a must for me!

My approach to fitness training is always a well-rounded style where I include weight training, cardio, stretching, and balance training. The main reason why I like to mix all these different areas is straightforward. Besides not getting bored from repetitive routines, this kind of training helps me optimize my body's performance because they complement each other. I don't exercise to lose weight, I exercise because I love to give my body the tools it needs to nourish and become healthier and more energetic (but good news, the beach body comes with this package)

For that reason, I started doing yoga after many years of thinking, it was just too dull. The secret about finding the right yoga class for you relies on two things. 

1. Learn about the practice: Learn what yoga is, what types of yoga are out there, and which ones have the intensity you are looking for.

Yoga improves your flexibility, quality of sleep, bone density, reduces stress, and promotes overall wellness. It's a mind-body practice that includes breathing, focus, and strength. There are many different types, but some of the most popular yoga styles are:

Hatha Yoga: Great for beginners and people who look for a relaxed practice. Lots of breathing exercises and holding poses for more extended periods.

Bikram Yoga: For sweat lovers. It basically consists of a total of 26 poses done for 90 minutes in a room heated and humid room. The temperature's usually set above the 100 Fahrenheit.

Restorative or Yin Yoga: The name gives it away. This practice consists of passive poses focusing on developing flexibility and joint health. Very meditative and relaxing.

Vinyasa Yoga A.K.A My favorite style: Vinyasa is definitely one of the most athletic yoga styles out there. In these classes, you will focus on developing strength, flexibility, and balance. You will definitely break a sweat from it!

2. Find the right instructor. For me, this has been an enormous help when it came to find the right yoga class for me. There are millions of instructors in the world, or at least thousands in your city. It's all about finding someone who knows the practice, and someone you feel comfortable with. My favorite Vinyasa yoga instructor is a free spirit. I've been practicing with him for over six months, and I've never done the same class twice. He definitely makes it fun!

These two tips can help you not only find the right yoga class but also finding other right disciplines for you! The most important thing is to keep experimenting and learning from what you can do with your body.


To learn more about yoga, and vinyasa, check out my YouTube video (link below). I interview my yoga instructor Steven Cheng, and we go over more details about this topic!

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Body movement is a blessing, do what you enjoy, and explore new possibilities!