A Powerful Start To Your Day

A Powerful Start To Your Day

How you start your morning can set the tone for the rest of the day.

Consider this - your alarm doesn’t go off, you wake up in a panic, you rush out of the house, forget your lunch, skip breakfast, the transit has delays, you frantically walk into work late and see the stern unimpressed look on your boss’ face.  You would feel flustered, anxious, and stressed - and that energy will most likely carry for the remainder of the day. 

Now consider this - you wake up with plenty of time to get ready and prepare for the day ahead. You have enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.  Maybe journal if that’s something you’re into. Warm your body up with some gentle stretches or movement. Set some intentions or priority actions. And ease into things with a mindset ready to tackle the day. 

What sounds more powerful?

Now the trick is - designing a morning ritual that works for you! 

Creating one that you can stick to so you can feel energized and inspired to approach the day feeling your best. 

There is nothing written in stone as to what kinds of things you need to include in your ritual. 

But when you are creating a ritual for yourself, consider the following 3 things:

1. Do something to wake up your mind.  (read, listen to a podcast, set intentions)

2. Do something to nourish your body. (move your body, stretch, re-hydrate, nourish)

3. Do something to fuel your soul. (journal, meditate, repeat an affirmation, have a solo dance party) 

Everyone is different.  And every morning ritual should be crafted to help you expand and vibrate at your highest being. 

What does my morning look like? 

  • Wake-up + don’t hit that snooze button.  When the alarm goes off, take a deep breath, countdown from 5, and hop out of bed like a rocket.

  • Splash cold water on my face.

  • Fill up my 1L bottle with water and 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar

  • Take my vitamins

  • Go to the couch to read while I drink my 1L of water

  • Stretch, foam roll, or flow for a few minutes

  • Turn on one of my favourite podcasts or a fun playlist to start getting ready - (Mind Love Podcast & Quote of the Day Show have been my most recent go-tos)

  • Set intentions for the day, write my gratitude in the Shine app

  • Take a few mindful deep breaths while I get dressed

  • Pack nourishment for the day 

Okay let's be real, is every day exactly like the above? Most definitely not. That would be ideal but I am not a robot and life happens sometimes. Some days, I may forget a thing or two...or three.  BUT THAT’S OK.

It’s giving yourself the grace and permission to be human.  But just being aware that when you do make an effort to consciously start your mornings on your own terms, you will see the powerful impact it can have on your day… and your life.

Take a second and visualize what kind of morning would help you thrive and set you up to feel your absolute best. What would assist you in striving to be the best version of yourself each day? Approach your mornings (and yourself) with kindness and love, and embrace the power of a few simple habits to start your day off right!